About Runervals

Runervals uses the full capabilities of the iPhone and Apple Watch to make running intervals easier to track.

Runervals is exclusive to Apple platforms and requires iOS 15+, and WatchOS 8+ for the optional watch companion app.

It went live on the App Store on September 20, 2021.


One distinct feature of Runervals is the way it uses your device’s accelerometer to automatically detect when you’re running and when you’re resting. When you start a workout, you do not need to rely on timers or manual tapping to tell the app when your intervals start or stop. It keeps seperate stats for each interval, in addition to cumulative stats for the entire workout.

The app does include an optional work/rest timer with audio cues. However, the app still uses your motion to detect exactly when you start/stop. For example, if you want to finish crossing the street before you rest, that additional running time will be counted toward the current interval, even if the timer beeped 10 seconds ago.

You can modify the duration of these timers mid-run (probably during your rest time). Sometimes it’s useful to start a workout with longer intervals, and then shorten them as you get tired.

The app gives the following stats for each interval:

  • duration
  • distance
  • average pace
  • average heart rate
  • rest time

In addition, it gives you the following cumulative stats for the entire run:

  • total time
  • running time
  • total distance
  • running distance
  • average running pace
  • average heart rate

Future Features

I’d like to have an option for heart rate based cues. When you heart rate reaches a certain peak, it will tell you to rest, and when you’ve recovered it will signal you to start running again.

Screenshots / Media Kit

You can download a zip file with high-resolution app store screenshots here.

Feature Infographic

App Store Screenshots


Public beta TestFlight here.

Who Made Runervals

Runervals was built by me, Ben Noland. I’ve been a software developer since 2005, and have been building iOS apps since 2019.


You can reach me on twitter at @bennoland or @runervals, or email me bennoland at gmail.